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                ABOUT US
                Company Introduction

                News Monitor is China's prominent Media monitoring service, which includes Print, Television, Online and Social media. Our media intelligence services endeavor to provide you with the best and versatile monitoring services. We bring the latest and relevant news as per your tracking brief, on your fingertips on time.

                We track information about coverage of your Press Releases, New Business Opportunities, Industry, Current Trends, Current Affairs, Market Environment, Merger & Acquisitions, Govt. Policies, Tenders, Financial, News, Advertisements etc. and anything else related to your concern, as it happens from more than thousands of news sources.

                News Monitor provides comprehensive reputation management services to you by monitoring your image across the extensive sources of media. We value your time and the reputation of your company. News Monitor offers 24/7 round-the-clock tracking and monitoring of the news feed across all media. These responsible tasks are handled by qualified media experts using cutting edge technology.

                What makes us the highly preferred media tracking solution?

                ?   Our prime focus is on Reputation Management of our Clients by monitoring their image across all media inceptions.

                ?   Our Media Tracking Service is cost-effective, flexible and also can be tailored as per the client’s requirements and specifications.

                ?   We keep tracks of your company, competitors and image value across its selfdom industry and extramural sectors. This helps you to understand your clients better and deliver with adeptness.

                ?   Tracking is done by highly qualified and efficient media experts with the use of cutting edge technology like the Alphainfo.

                Apart from offering quality service to our clients, we are known for delivering value added service for each and every project we accept. It supreme objective is and always will be quality and satisfied deliverance.

                We are proud about our strengths

                Despite the huge range of channels, technologies and markets we help to evaluate your reputation from the customer's perspective in a fast, accurate and reliable manner, News Monitor possess deep knowledge, technical skills and experienced resources that are passionate in what they do.

                We are purely based on the your requirements

                This integrated, trustworthy and one stop solution for all kinds of media tracking needs understands the changing demands and accomplishes them.

                We believe in greater customer satisfaction and a perfect end-term result. With an insight and long term association, we can serve you to attain greater visibility and manifestation in the world of media coverage for increase in networking, high success rate and amplified profit.

                What we do is what we are highly proficient in

                We pride our Competence to keep track across all areas within your budget.

                Advisement tracking enables us as recommended services for Advertising and Research Professionals. Hire our services to improve their ability to access, understand and usage of media coverage as a key component for your business development strategy. News Monitor holds a proficient advertisement tracking tools that offers you various details on commercials.

                Television tracking handles the broadcast and media coverage of over hundreds of channels in multi languages. We also offer you the video clipping requested in a customized format.

                Various clippings of print media like newspapers, journals, magazines etc. can be accessed easily in on time through our Print media tracking services.

                Online and Social Media Monitoring is also our important business.

                Our erudite team of translators can handle the headline, synopsis and full text translation efficiently.

                Media analysis and competitor insights serve you with a detailed report on various insights of your business and social media.

                Our six-step efficient strategy reflects our work methodologies

                Step1: Mark all media and all brands. Most probably we will have the content you need in our prodigious database, if not we gather from various sources.

                Step2: Classify brands and content according to different industry, theme, advertorial and advertisement.

                Step3: Brand input or info capture according to unified classification standard (print, online or social media) and store in the database.

                Step4: The system will filter, screen and integrate captured info.

                Step5: Deliver info on time in accordance with customers’ requirement.

                Step6: Adjust the above procedures with customers’ demand or provide tailored media monitoring service.

                OUR MISSION

                To create valuable insights and analysis that lead to better products, more business and happier customers. News Monitor also aims to provide accurate and quality information in the versatile forms at the doorstep for various media tracking requirements.

                Print Media Introduction

                News Monitor’s print media tracking services provides the News-Clippings from hundreds of Daily Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines and Regional newspapers across China. Our customized, keyword-specific tracking of news is designed to provide valuable, accurate and specified categorical information to our clients.

                “We pull back the hassle from media tracking. Irrespective of when, how and where you need, we offer at your control”

                News Monitor have a high quality print media tracking service to ably assist your decision making process. Our Media monitoring services can provide you with an updated editorial content and the gamut of news. Our agencies in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu provide you with timely and all-round monitoring service.

                News Monitor is a compelling choice for print media monitoring services:

                ?   News Monitor has a complete line-up of diverse types of print media that we cover for tracking, thus ensuring comprehensive coverage clippings ranging from Newspapers, Newsletters, Periodicals, Magazines, etc.

                ?   We also provide you with the easiest and highly tractable way of accessing your reports: on PC or mobile devices.

                ?   Clippings are offered in both Hard and soft copies as per your specification. For hard copies format the original clippings will be pasted on A4 sheet with various details of the publication, edition, date, page no. etc. Soft copy can be sent to your email or smart phone of your choice.

                ?   Customized tracking services are also offered based on cities, localities or industries.

                ?   The experience and expertise that we possess offer unmatched services.

                How our ambit of print media tracking services work makes us different.

                ?   We collect daily information across the widespread media available.

                ?   Our force will search for relevant media mentions within the last 24 hours.

                ?   We input all print brands into the system directly. You can inquire immediately via the timely monitoring.

                ?   All clippings are delivered in the requested format.

                ?   We provide an exceptionally satisfying print media monitoring service which enables your business to gain information about a large range of statistics, details, photographs and news articles. These could be content, analysis, size, publication, and a whole lot more.

                With an ever increasing number of publications emerging in the news market today, it could become a very difficult task to keep track on every single piece of info that hits the news stand. With us, it is different, because we are singularly driven to information gathering and have a dedicated taskforce who do this with aplomb. We enjoy high reputation in fashion and luxury fields. With our print media news tracking service you can expect to stay well ahead of competition and lead your firm forward.

                Social Media and Online Media

                Need a good offline reputation? Managing and monitoring of your online reputation is vital. News Monitor provides online media and social media monitoring services. We are expert in monitoring different portals, different online editions of almost all leading newspapers, editorials and cover almost all major social media sources like Weibo, Blog, BBS, Forum and Weixin etc.

                “Your repute is our most treasured asset!”

                Today with the proliferation of the internet and social media, brand reputation has a prodigious impact by the online medium. Unsatisfied or happy customers write about their experiences through the numerous platforms.

                It just takes few seconds for the news to become viral. What matters is the type of impact it has on your brand. Online media monitoring is an effective and cost-efficient way to monitor news for business expansion or crisis management.

                Our plethora of social media monitoring services:

                ?   Handle blogs, reviews, forums, social networking sites, news etc. Not just opinions, our tools extract sentiment and also perform text analysis.

                ?   Monitor social media campaigns of you and your competitors.

                ?   A detailed analysis of the customers’ engagement and behavior on the social media

                From almost last decade, social media or online media monitoring has become a primary & important form of business intelligence. Listening to what your customers says, tracking your competitors, and informing about your critics and supporters help in achieving virtuous results from your social media campaigns. We have created tools to smoothen the process of monitoring variety of social media channels like blogging, Internet video and Internet forums. It is pretty easy to track your consumer’s interests and opinions on your brand through these tools.

                “Do you know that China has more than 200 Million Internet users most of them are socially active online? So we follow, what your competitor and consumer think about your products.”

                With social or online media monitoring, whatever is the business size you can know what customers & your competitor thinks about your products. Your customers will use different medium available online and we implement dynamic tools to keep track of them within China. For firms like small or medium businesses, which have a decent marketing budget, can also truly invest in a tool that will give a fantastic results.

                Social media today is the prominent means of relationship between the consumers and companies that they are buying from. With News Monitor’s online media and social media monitoring services, you can get better marketing insights and deeper customer perceptions.

                TV Media

                What could be more compelling to track round the clock television news, advertisements and regional/national information? News Monitor is a reputed television monitoring agency that handles over hundred channels.


                Television is one of the most sought after foundations of media. It has a lot of public impact and coverage. In this information explosive era, where the sources of media are overflowing, the task of tracking and storing the disseminated news of your interest from the television is of your concern.`

                The media plays a crucial role in steering the domain of influence, belief and public understanding on any aspect. Monitoring what the media reports is vital. We make sure you don’t miss the arising opportunities that can lead to enhancement of your firm. Being a leading television news monitoring agency, we provide whole-hearted services for you.


                Latest technologies

                The up-to-date technology hoards us the benefit to offer television news clipping services in any format, any time and on any media. We at News Monitor stay updated with the latest trends and use the latest software's for monitoring.

                Professional monitoring experts

                Our team of television news monitoring experts is highly qualified and professional. This helps us to take educated and immediate decisions about various monitoring aspects.

                Customers are satisfied to receive timely media and video clips in the requested format. We also deliver news clips through digital links, hard copies and soft copies that are easily accessible and can be shared, viewed, downloaded and analyzed. Our state-of-art technology allows is to retrieve, records, translate, transcribes and offers reports of monitoring in various formats ranging from immediate uploads, CD, DVD, customized website or through FTP.

                Media Analysis
                Media monitoring and analysis service

                A firm that aggregates information gathered by traditional and social media content providers, using its software to compile and analyze that information – sometimes further refined by human analysts. The resulting media intelligence is packaged according to client specifications and delivered to those clients in a timely fashion, i.e., as close to real-time as possible. Organizations use this media intelligence to determine what is being said – positive or negative – about the organization itself, its brand, or an issue that can affect it. Among other things, media monitoring and analysis can help organizations track publicity campaigns, discover the nature and extent of various social trends, and obtain insight on how media and other opinion leaders are responding to their products and messages.

                Dimensions commonly used in media analysis

                ?   Prominencerefers to the attention a story on an organization, brand, issue, message, etc. gets in the media. It can be measured by a number of factors that measure the quantity and quality of media coverage, including type of media, extent (of coverage), share of voice, story size or length, placement, media circulation or audience share, media relevance (to the organization’s audience), story treatment, use of visuals, type of coverage, etc

                ?   Media type the type of media – daily newspaper, blog, television station, community newspaper, business publication, etc. – covering the story.

                ?   Scope the geographical area the media reach, including national, provincial, regional, and specifically defined and selected areas.

                ?   Share of voice the organization’s share of media attention in the total coverage of a product, issue, industry, cause, etc. This information can contribute to competitive intelligence studies.

                ?   Story size/length?– the space the story occupies in print media (half a page, xx lines, a tiny mention, etc.), the time (10 seconds, one minute, etc.) devoted to it in broadcast media, and the space/time it earns in new media.

                ?   Placement where the story was placed in the media. In print, it could range from the front page to back cover or in the xx section. In broadcast, placement is where the story was aired in the newscast (lead story, story number xx, etc.). In new media, it could refer to the space it occupies on a blog, the number of mentions, etc.

                ?   Circulation/sharethe total number of copies of a publication delivered to print audiences (media circulation).

                ?   Audience shareis the percentage of listeners or viewers within a defined market of listeners/viewers who are tuned in to a broadcast outlet.

                ?   Media relevance the criteria that determine the relevance of a specific medium to the organization’s target audience. This can be assessed by how closely the composition of the media audience – demographics and/or psychographics – matches that of the organization’s audience.

                ?   Story treatment how a story is treated in the media. It could be a cover story, a running story earning coverage day after day, a one-shot mention, or a story earning multiple mentions in one issue, one broadcast a day.

                ?   Use of visualsinformation on the content and placement of such visuals as photographs.

                ?   Type of coverage it can be identified as an editorial, news story, blog post, news brief, comment to a blog post, etc.

                ?   Tone sentiment measures how a person, group, organization, or issue is portrayed in the media. Tone is normally categorized as positive, neutral or negative, with various degrees of negative and positive tones. (Toning can be enhanced when a human analyst – able to recognize sarcasm, irony, and various human quirks – serves as a filter.)

                ?   Message fidelity delivers information on how well the message conveyed by the media matched the message or messages the organization wanted to communicate.

                ?   Content and nature of quotesan amalgamation of what was said/printed in the media, who was quoted in the story, including the quotes themselves as well as the source – media, organizational spokesperson, and/or third party.

                ?   Reachrefers to the number of audience members who potentially receive a message. Most reach measures use circulation/audience share figures.

                ?   Frequencymeasures the number of times (within a specific period) an audience potentially receives a message

                ?   Print circulationthe total number of copies of a publication available to subscribers as well as via newsstands, vending machines, and other delivery systems.

                ?   Paid circulationis a distribution method where readers pay for the publication

                ?   Controlled circulationis the method of distributing publications free of charge (usually in bulk) to specific areas, groups of people, or locations.

                ?   Content measuresare evaluations of how web content – facts, opinions, messages, etc. about an organization, issue, or topic – is accessed, adapted, shared, and amplified on a site or sites or across the web.

                ?   Conversation measuresstudy online conversations (blog posts and comments, etc.) related to an organization, issue, etc. The conversation may be measured by quantity, tone/sentiment, message fidelity, etc. One such content measure is the conversation index or conversation rate, created by dividing the total number of posts by the number of relevant comments and trackbacks.

                ?   Outcome measuresare used to evaluate how content measures correlate with outcome objectives.

                ?   Page viewsare a count of the number of times a page was viewed. This includes duplications.

                ?   Traffic sourceshow visitors get to a site or page on a site. They may arrive directly or through a referring site or search engine.

                ?   Unique visitsadd up the number of individual people who visited a site within a specified period of time used for reporting purposes

                ?   New visitorsthe number of unique visitors who access any page on a site – via a web browser – for the first time

                ?   Repeat visitorsthe number of unique visitors who make two or more visits to a site.

                ?   Visit durationthe length of time visitors spend on a page or a site.

                ?   Bounce ratesstatistics on those visitors who remain on a site for five seconds or less or those who visit only one page of a site.

                ?   Advertising value equivalency (AVE)is the amount in dollars a story would cost if it appeared as paid advertising. It is determined by multiplying the size/length of the story by the advertising rate for the relevant publication or station.

                ?   Benchmark refers to a point of reference for measuring coverage of an issue or campaign. It’s a standard or yardstick used when measuring progress in a campaign.

                ?   Clip countrefers to the total number of stories that mention a client company, product or campaign.

                ?   Related articlesare those that relate to the main story. It may be a sidebar with a human interest angle, another (perhaps opposite) point of view, an editorial, etc.

                About Us
                Shanghai News Monitor Information Consulting Company Limited

                Address: Room 403, 405, Quxi Road No.809, Huangpu District

                Tel:+86 21 31001336

                Fax:+86 +86 21 31001336 ext.901

                Complaint:+86 21 31001336 ﹝Nationwide﹞


                Shanghai News Monitor Beijing Offices

                Tel:+86 4008 588 880

                Address:Room 5001, Block B, Liye Building, East Majiapu Road, Yangqiao, Fengtai District, Beijing

                Complaint:+86 21 31001336 ﹝Nationwide﹞
                Email: info@newsmonitor.cn
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